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Salad and Go

Are you in search of a fast, fresh, and affordable meal to grab while you’re in a hurry? Take a trip to Salad and Go for a convenient, drive-thru fast-food chain that is inexpensive and nutritious!   Salad and Go was founded by Roushan Christofellis and her husband, Tony, in 2013. They opened the first […]

The Connection Between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Nutrition

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that includes a broad range of characteristics that affect how individuals interact socially, communicate, learn, and behave. While a focus on nutrition can be beneficial for all individuals, why would one want to specifically focus on eating and eating behaviors when they or someone they love have […]

How to Start Meal Preparation and Planning

How to Start Meal Preparation/Planning   After getting home from a long day, very few people have the energy or time to come up with a healthy, easy meal unless there’s been some pre-planning. A reliable menu plan can save you time and money, decrease food waste and help improve your health!    The first […]

Flexitarian vs Pescatarian vs Vegetarian

Have you considered trying to decrease the amount of meat you eat for health or other reasons? It can be very intimidating at first to imagine a life without meat, but it doesn’t need to be something to stop “cold turkey.” (Pardon the pun!) Let’s explore some ways to decrease your meat intake:    Flexitarian: […]

What is a Complete Protein?

What is a complete protein?   When you consume a food that contains protein, it is broken down into smaller pieces – amino acids – that are then absorbed by the intestines. These amino acids are then moved around the body to be used as they are needed. While many foods may contain some form […]

Holiday Tips

This time a year, it is common to gather around food. Your Dietitians at Banister Nutrition wanted to give you their favorite tips and tricks for the season. Look over ALL of the food on a buffet before starting through the line. Identify those foods that are special, homemade, or only appear during the holidays because […]

Safe Physical Activity in the Heat

The summer can be a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor activities – swimming in particular is a favorite to stay cool! But with the increased heat and sun exposure, how can we safely enjoy other activities like walking, running, riding a bike or playing an outdoor sport?   Getting outside before 10 am or waiting […]

Build a Strong Offense in Your Kitchen

We’ve heard in sports and military combat that the best defense is a strong offense. This strategy can also apply to our health when it comes to being proactive in preventing acute inflammation and disease. Nutrition plays a vital role in building a strong immune system to fight off foreign invaders. We want our immune […]