Carol Banister


Founder Banister Nutrition LLC

Carol is the owner and founder of Banister Nutrition LLC. She opened the doors in 1981 and has been a trailblazer in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas ever since.

After completing her nutrition and dietetics education at Kansas State University, Carol was recognized by her alma mater as Entrepreneur of the Year and served on the Kansas State alumni board for the College of Health and Human Sciences. She was president of the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and worked with the Oklahoma Eating Disorder Association as a pioneer in the field of eating disorders. Carol has also served on the internship board at Oklahoma State University.

As the founder and owner of Banister Nutrition, Carol spends a considerable amount of her time managing the practice, which continues to grow and thrive. She says she is elated about the outstanding quality of the Banister Nutrition team and the way everyone works together to provide excellent medical nutrition therapy to patients across the state. Everyone on the BN team is dedicated to the support of their patients, providers, and each other.

After 42 years in private practice, Carol still loves working with patients when time allows. Her approach with patients is unique because of the care she takes not only to understand their food choices, but also to understand the impetuses behind those choices. Food is the core of health, and for many people, food choices are guided by lifestyle and emotional factors. 

Carol is a Certified Diabetes Educator, which is a great complement to the nutritional guidance she provides to patients with diabetes.

In her spare time, Carol enjoys biking, hiking, working in her flower beds, trail walking, or traveling.  She says the things she enjoys most are spending time with her son and his family in Edmond, or her daughter and her family in Denver.