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What to Expect During Your First Visit

Have you ever wished you could get nutrition advice specifically tailored for you? Beyond the “one-size-fits-all” and sometimes dubious suggestions you find online? Or have you ever felt like you needed professional guidance to put your doctor’s advice into practice—-in your own unique real-life context? That’s what we’re here for.

When you come to Banister Nutrition for the first time, your initial appointment will generally last one hour or perhaps longer if your issues are complex. Your personal dietitian will ask you about your health history, your struggles and frustrations regarding your health and nutrition issues, and your goals. After that first meeting, your dietitian will evaluate and assess how to approach your specific nutrition and health concerns in ways that will work best for you.

In follow-up appointments, you and your dietitian will work together to identify the best ways to implement changes, learn from any challenges or setbacks you encounter, and celebrate your successes. As we work with you to help you reach your goals, we’ll communicate with your referring medical provider and/or counselor to ensure that your care team members are on the same page. Your success will be worth each moment of effort as you enjoy improved health and increased empowerment!

Insurance Accepted

We do accept insurance, but please call your insurance provider to learn how your insurance will assist you. Download our helpful tip sheet to guide you during your call.

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