What a sigh of relief to know that you already have lunch prepared and ready to grab tomorrow morning on your way out the door! Meal prepping is time and cost efficient, but what if you are short on time before starting your week or don’t quite feel confident in your own cooking skills? Fortunately, there is a local option where you can get all the meal-prep goodies you need. 


PREP’D is located in Yukon, Oklahoma, and has an array of delicious options, whether you are in the mood for protein pancakes in the morning, honey-teriyaki salmon for lunch, or chicken tacos for dinner. Walk in during business hours and you’ll see several large refrigerators stocked with meals. They also have the option to order ahead of time online or in-store for customization. They can deliver too! 


We love that PREP’D is determined to deliver quality, well-balanced meals that contain lean proteins, complex starches, and vegetables. On the side of each container, you’ll find nutrition information including total calories as well as protein, carb, and fat grams. By ordering ahead, you can choose your portion size and modify your selections to meet your nutritional needs. If you have an allergy or specific dietary needs, PREP’D can work with you to find the right option for you. 


Give PREP’D a shot and let us know what you think!