Sunshine Vitamin

You may have heard that we get vitamin D from the sun. It’s actually true, but there are various aspects of this to consider.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because when UVB rays from the sun reach our skin, a form of cholesterol on our skin transforms into vitamin D3. This vitamin D3 then goes into our liver and kidney, where it eventually transforms into the active form of vitamin D, called calcitriol. 

But sunshine isn’t our only source of Vitamin D.  Fortified cereals or fatty fish like salmon also contain vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays vital roles within our body such as maintaining serum calcium homeostasis (which is the body’s ability to regulate the level of calcium in the bloodstream within a narrow range to support various physiological functions), cell growth, and strengthening bones.

With all this in mind, summer is upon us and this is a great time to get outdoors and go for a walk, have outdoor gatherings with friends, or take your family to a park or zoo. There are many opportunities to be active in the fresh air. 

However, it is important to practice safety as well. The best time to get vitamin D is early morning or late afternoon. Otherwise, it is best to wear sunscreen, protective clothing, and find shade to reduce risk of skin damage.

In conclusion, the benefits of vitamin D are multifaceted and crucial for overall health and well-being. Incorporating vitamin D-rich foods and appropriate sunlight exposure into one’s lifestyle can be an effective way to harness the many benefits of this essential nutrient.