Salad and Go

Are you in search of a fast, fresh, and affordable meal to grab while you’re in a hurry? Take a trip to Salad and Go for a convenient, drive-thru fast-food chain that is inexpensive and nutritious!


Salad and Go was founded by Roushan Christofellis and her husband, Tony, in 2013. They opened the first Salad and Go in Gilbert, Arizona, and now the revolutionary fast-food chain has expanded to Nevada, Texas, and Oklahoma. Oklahoma has 4 locations: Del City, Edmond, and two in Oklahoma City. Salad and Go made its appearance in the OKC metro in November 2022. 


A professional chef named Daniel Patino created the menu for Salad and Go with hopes to show people that eating healthy can be tasty, affordable, and FUN. He designed the menu to be simple while also having plenty of options. Chef Patino also created each dressing to be gluten-free for those who struggle with a gluten intolerance. 


What is unique about Salad and Go is that there is no dine-in option; it is drive-thru or mobile pick up only. Each building is 656-square-feet, which limits the cost of labor and operating costs, allowing more money to be spent on better quality food! 


A filling, nutritious, and well-balanced 48 oz salad or wrap costs less than $7. A meal packed with healthy fats, protein, and veggies for that price is hard to pass up! 

The menu has a wide variety of salads that can also be turned into a wrap. Whether you’re in the mood for jalapeno ranch, buffalo chicken, Thai, or creating your own salad/wrap – Salad and Go has you covered. The menu also includes breakfast, soup, coffee, and frozen lemonades. 


Fast food can be healthy, tasteful, and GOOD for you. Thankfully Salad and Go found its way to Oklahoma, so that we have an option to eat affordably and fast. 


Visit a Salad and Go near you soon and tell us what you think! 

Orlov, A. (2016, September 19). This drive-thru salad chain proves that fast food doesn’t have to be greasy to be cheap. Mic. Retrieved March 16, 2023, from This is the BBQ Ranch salad. This salad is filled with romaine lettuce, chicken, corn, pico de gallo, black beans, tortilla strips, and topped with BBQ ranch!