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Edmond Mobile Meals

Have you ever heard of Edmond Mobile Meals and how this organization impacts our community?  Edmond Mobile Meals is a non-profit organization based in Edmond, Oklahoma, that provides nutritious meals to homebound and elderly individuals who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. The organization was founded in 1974 and has been providing this service […]

Why electrolytes are Important When Exercising Regularly

Why are electrolytes so important when exercising regularly?  Electrolyte balance is essential for optimal physical performance and overall health. This is especially true during exercise. Electrolytes are charged ions that are present in the body’s fluids. They play a vital role in regulating various bodily functions, including hydration, nerve and muscle function, and maintaining the […]


What a sigh of relief to know that you already have lunch prepared and ready to grab tomorrow morning on your way out the door! Meal prepping is time and cost efficient, but what if you are short on time before starting your week or don’t quite feel confident in your own cooking skills? Fortunately, […]

Picking out a Yogurt

The yogurt aisle has exploded with options over the last decade for a good reason! Yogurt is packed with calcium, probiotics and protein that can be part of a healthy breakfast or snack. Let’s talk about what to look for when you are trying a new yogurt.    The first things you’ll notice are names […]

Salad and Go

Are you in search of a fast, fresh, and affordable meal to grab while you’re in a hurry? Take a trip to Salad and Go for a convenient, drive-thru fast-food chain that is inexpensive and nutritious!   Salad and Go was founded by Roushan Christofellis and her husband, Tony, in 2013. They opened the first […]

The Connection Between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Nutrition

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that includes a broad range of characteristics that affect how individuals interact socially, communicate, learn, and behave. While a focus on nutrition can be beneficial for all individuals, why would one want to specifically focus on eating and eating behaviors when they or someone they love have […]

How to Start Meal Preparation and Planning

How to Start Meal Preparation/Planning   After getting home from a long day, very few people have the energy or time to come up with a healthy, easy meal unless there’s been some pre-planning. A reliable menu plan can save you time and money, decrease food waste and help improve your health!    The first […]

Flexitarian vs Pescatarian vs Vegetarian

Have you considered trying to decrease the amount of meat you eat for health or other reasons? It can be very intimidating at first to imagine a life without meat, but it doesn’t need to be something to stop “cold turkey.” (Pardon the pun!) Let’s explore some ways to decrease your meat intake:    Flexitarian: […]

What is a Complete Protein?

What is a complete protein?   When you consume a food that contains protein, it is broken down into smaller pieces – amino acids – that are then absorbed by the intestines. These amino acids are then moved around the body to be used as they are needed. While many foods may contain some form […]