Why the Scale Shouldn’t Matter

I think we all know how it feels when you’re working so hard to lose weight, but the number doesn’t change. After all those sweaty sessions at the gym, it’s frustrating not seeing results. In reality, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. There are plenty of other ways to measure success!

Factors Influencing the Scale

Let’s get this straight. You are going to weigh differently every single day because there are multiple things that influence your weight. For example, you could weigh more today than yesterday because you had lots of salty foods. You could possibly be bloated. Your body mass can be changing. Comparing fat and muscle, muscle is denser than fat. Rather than just focusing on that number on the scale, focus on how you feel about yourself and your body, your progression in your workouts, or lifestyle changes that you are keeping up with.

Non-Scale Successes to Celebrate

  1. Waking up feeling refreshed
  2. Feeling more confident
  3. Lifting heavier
  4. Knocking off time your mile
  5. Being able to run longer
  6. Your clothes feel looser
  7. Feeling good about yourself
  8. Getting off medication
  9. Hard workouts are now a breeze
  10. Not getting winded walking up the stairs
  11. Choosing healthier options when eating out
  12. Drinking more water
  13. Being more in tune with your body
  14. Less pain and aches
  15. Exceeding your step goals

Don’t focus or be discouraged about that little number on the scale. There are so many success measurements that you should celebrate. At the end of the day, progress is about how you feel inside and out. Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you feel better about yourself, that should matter much more than the scale. AN

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