New Weight-loss Medications

It’s hard to go a day without hearing a news story about the new class of weight-loss medications known as “GLP-1” or “Semaglutides.” GLP-1s are powerful medications that work to lower blood sugar, decrease appetite and slow gastric emptying. However, these effects are only present while taking the medication on a weekly basis.

You might be curious if these medications are a good fit for you and your health goals. A physician you trust is the best person to discuss this with, and they will and help you safely assess the risks and benefits. If GLP-1 medications are found to be appropriate for you, long term “significant clinical benefits” are best achieved by having a dietitian on your healthcare team. These clinical benefits can include encouraging safe weight loss by maintaining appropriate macro- and micronutrient intake and coaching as to how to maintain these benefits if the medication is paused or stopped for any reason.

Many patients find transitioning off of GLP-1s to be challenging, and having a plan in place can help facilitate long term success. A dietitian can help you maintain behavior changes, identify the meal pattern that works for you, and manage your blood sugar through other interventions if needed.