Vitamin D: The Superhero Micronutrient

We’ve been hearing a lot about Vitamin D lately. Did you know that Vitamin D is critical to the body and has numerous health benefits in addition to boosting the immune system? Studies have shown that vitamin D plays a role in bone health and reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, stroke and more. Keep reading to see more benefits of Vitamin D.

  • Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and regulation throughout the body.
  • It is critical during pregnancy because it helps form the baby’s bones, teeth, kidneys, heart and nervous system.
  • Because it is so important for healthy bone and muscle development, deficiencies can lead to rickets and osteomalacia. 
  • Vitamin D plays a role in keeping the gut healthy by increasing the healthy bacteria in your gut. This also leads to a stronger immune system.
  • Recent studies have also shown that there may be a link between adequate Vitamin D levels and anxiety/depression. We have Vitamin D receptors in the brain that directly affect mood. Some scientists think Vitamin D deficiencies may be related to negative cognition and symptoms of anxiety/depression.

Not surprisingly, Vitamin D deficiencies are more common in people who have less exposure to sunlight. Consider getting your Vitamin D levels checked periodically to ensure optimal health!

Recommended Dietary Allowance:  

2-12 months: 400 IU daily for breast-fed infants

1-70 years: 600 IU

>70 years: 800 IU

*Talk to your  dietitian or doctor before starting any supplements.