Say Goodbye to Cravings and Eat Right!

Do you ever have cravings that are so hard to resist? When your mind keeps yelling, eat me! eat me! eat me! Some dieters may believe a craving is an intense desire for a certain food, but it is actually a signal for their bodies needing the nutrients that food provides. Overindulging on cravings can quickly add up your calories for the day. Eating your cravings in moderation is the key, but sometimes it’s hard. Here are a few extra tips to beat your cravings!

  • Put your craving off. Tell yourself you’ll deal with the craving in 20 minutes. Food cravings are typically short-lived, and while the desire for chips, chocolate or cake feels overwhelming now, it will wane, especially if you can find a healthier food substitute or distract yourself.
  • Choose alternatives for your cravings. Yearn for potato chips? Buy a brand that
    ‘s low-fat or fat-free. Desire something crunchy? Skip the chips: try fruit or a salad packed with crisp greens and veggies. Want something sweet? How about baking an apple or even roasting some veggies? Roasting brings out the sweetness in many foods.
  •  Buy single servings of foods you crave. Instead of buying a whole box of cookies, buy just one cookie from a specialty bakeshop.
  •  Schedule your snacks. Plan for nutritious snacks to prevent between-meal hunger. Keep portable, healthy snacks in your desk, backpack or car.
  • Take a walk, work on a hobby or call a friend. A brisk walk outside or at work can get your mind off the craving. A chat with a sympathetic friend that will help you talk through your craving may also help.