Research on the “Electric Salt Spoon”

Looking for a way to learn more about the sodium in your food?  The University of Kentucky is conducting a study on a device called the “electronic salt spoon”. The electronic salt spoon is being used to help families transition to low-sodium diets.  Place the spoon in the food item and it reads how much sodium is in your dish.

People with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or renal disease need to lower their sodium intake. Sodium is hidden in all processed foods including frozen pizzas, canned vegetables, and soups. The University of Kentucky has conducted a three-month study that found families who used the salt spoon were successful in decreasing their sodium intake.

The University of Kentucky will recruit patients and their families to track long-term outcomes resulting from the use of the electric salt spoon.  They hope to use this spoon as part of their educational programs teaching families how to shop for and cook lower sodium foods.

The recommended dietary guidelines regarding sodium suggest consuming fewer than 2300mg per day. With further research, this electric salt spoon may be on the market soon to help families lower their sodium intakes. Is your sodium intake within the daily recommended amount? sy