Let’s Talk Diabetes: The Finger Prick

If you’re just starting to check blood glucose levels you might think, “Ouch! This kind of hurts…” I promise it gets better but when I first started having to check my blood glucose levels I hated it. The anticipation of the needle actually poking me drove me crazy. At the beginning, I would cry and become so frustrated with myself.  I knew I was being a baby about it but it was scary and different.

Leveling out your blood glucose levels can be really hard when starting out.  Your body is adjusting to insulin and you’re trying to figure out your insulin to carb ratio and your sensitivity and everything else there is to know about diabetes.  It can be extremely overwhelming!

With that being said, the best way to work those things out faster is to make a habit of checking your glucose levels often. I know sometimes it’s hard to quit everything you’re doing to check but it’s a must. Without a record of your blood glucose levels, doctor’s and diabetes educators will have a hard time helping. Most doctors recommend checking your glucose 4-6 times/day; always before snacks and meals and especially if you’re feeling like you might be low or high.  28-42 finger pokes a week is a lot but I promise it’s do-able and it’s worth it. Once your glucose levels are under control, you won’t want them any other way. 8 years later I check my blood glucose levels at least 4-6 times a day without even thinking about it. sy