Gardening Fun With Kids

I recently blogged about the importance of kids helping in the kitchen but why not take it back another step by letting them help in the garden? Letting kids help with gardening gives them a better insight on the importance of healthy, homegrown, fruits and vegetables and will make them more likely to garden when they’re older.

With the younger ages, start by letting them help with pulling weeds and/or planting with their own plastic tools. Just be prepared for them to be covered in dirt! As they get older, get them involved by letting them pick a couple things they want to have grown. If you have multiple kids this could be a great opportunity for a friendly competition. The same patient that informed us on how she includes all five of her kids in meal making, told us of a pumpkin growing contest her kids had. The largest pumpkins weighed in at 106 and 98 lbs!
If space is an issue, give terrarium gardening a try. To the left is a picture of how to set up a terrarium. For more tips on how to grow certain terrarium plants, visit Younger ones, especially, will be excited to see their plant sprout and watch it grow daily. Helping them find their green-thumb now can help them make healthier choices in the future! sy

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      Yes it is, and it’s a great way to get them more interested in eating more fruits and vegetables! Thanks for your comment!

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