Food Planning for Backpacking Trip!

Planning for a backpacking trip can feel overwhelming at first – where to go, who to go with and when to go! After picking a distance and route, the next big task is planning to fuel your activity.

The first task is determining how many days you will be camping, then planning for three meals and snacks per day. Starting with a high protein breakfast is key to fueling your day. My favorite breakfast on the trail is to start with some warm oatmeal and coffee, followed by a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and honey.

After packing up camp, I like to have snacks to enjoy while hiking. I like Kind Bars, applesauce squeeze packs, dried fruit, and fruit snacks. Lunches on the trail need to be easy to prepare and suitable for a stuffed backpack! Try pita and tuna wraps, peanut butter sandwiches, or shelf stable cheese with dried meat and a whole wheat tortilla. With views like this, lunch is a treat!

After setting up our camp for the evening and taking our boots off, it’s dinner time! We first make sure we have enough water to drink and for meal prep by using a water filter. I enjoy bringing individually packaged dehydrated meals, as many come in heat-safe containers that eliminate the need to bring pots and pans. Dehydrated meal options have gotten an upgrade in the past decade, and many taste as good as a home-cooked meal without having to worry about spoilage or extra weight.