3 Make Ahead Breakfast Meal Ideas

What do your mornings look like? I know for me, the morning can be a chaotic time – getting myself ready, cooking breakfast and getting two kids ready, fed and out the door by 7:30AM. Working with clients, I notice others struggling with this as well. Breakfast can often get skipped due to lack of time or busy schedules.  

Here is a little trick to help the mornings go a little smoother – plan and prep ahead. These are three of my go-to breakfast meals to prepare in advance (often on the weekend) for busy weekday mornings. It helps to save time and prevent decision making fatigue in the mornings.

  1. Overnight oats: This can be served hot or cold – whatever your preference. Let the kids in on the fun – they can add their own ingredients/toppings (cinnamon, nuts/seeds, dried fruit, etc). 
  2. Quiche: Throw in any leftover veggies from the week (bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, etc). This is another meal that can be sliced and enjoyed hot or cold.
  3. Breakfast bowl: Saute potatoes, veggies and meat (optional). Add the egg in when cooking this or “crack an egg” prior to microwaving the morning of consuming. After heating, add avocado and/or salsa.

Fresh fruit is a great pairing with any of these make-ahead breakfast meals. When setting goals, look ahead for potential hurdles to prevent letting them trip you up. Having a plan and making it an easy option, can help with the execution!