Why We Became Registered Dietitians

Each registered dietitian at BN has a unique story about how they became passionate about
nutrition and why they enjoy their job. Continue reading to get to know the BN team a little

Carol Banister: “I grew up on a farm and spent 12 years in 4-H which provided many
opportunities to learn about food: cooking, baking, gardening, canning, freezing, even helping
my mom clean chickens. Gathering around the family table for meals was central to life. When I
went to Kansas State University, the study of food and nutrition was a natural extension of my
early experiences. Learning in Nutrition Bio-Chem class how a slice of bread turned into glucose
then into ATP for energy was fascinating. I realized my enjoyment of food and fascination with
food chemistry could be applied to bodily health and fitness, so I became a licensed/registered
dietitian. My career has included teaching at the University of Oklahoma, working as a clinical
dietitian at Presbyterian Hospital in OKC, and having my own practice for 40 years, which is the
best gig ever! There is nothing better than coming alongside my patients to provide counsel and
guidance for becoming a healthier version of themselves. When lab values improve, medications
decrease, and weight and physical activity reach healthy levels, patients become transformed,
happier individuals, making this fun and rewarding work for me!”

Lauren Northcutt: “My interest in nutrition initially started for personal reasons. I was a
competitive athlete in school and got injured my senior year. At that time, I started exploring
ways I could support my body in the healing process. Later, when I went to college, I decided to
take my interest and apply it to a degree at OSU. My personal interest quickly became a passion
to apply to helping others. As a private practice Dietitian, I am thankful I am able to use my
passion and knowledge to impact the lives of my patients.”

Autumn Sisneros: “Simply put, food for me is the fuel my body needs to be able to move and
enjoy all the things in life that are meant to be enjoyed — friends, family, and the world around
me. Even more, being able to share my passion and knowledge with others in a way that helps
them to do the same is a privilege that keeps me genuinely excited to come to work every day!”

Adrienne Radcliff Hefner: “I always knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field. When I was
a freshman in college I took a class that featured guest speakers from different areas in
healthcare. One day a dietitian came in to talk about how she helped people understand how to
eat in a way that supported a longer healthier life. I instantly knew that was what I wanted to do
and changed my major from biochemistry to dietetics! I love being a dietitian because I get the
privilege of working with a variety of people who are learning how to better their lives and who
inspire me every day.”

Jessica McCartney: “My interest in dietetics started with exposure to nutrition research by one
of my professors. After several years in labs researching the relationship between phytoestrogens
and cancer, as well as the biology of pre-term birth, I found myself wanting to have a closer
connection to the application of this research to patient care. With this realization, I started
working with a dietitian in a Neonatal ICU and returned to graduate school to pursue a career as
a dietitian. Through my research, I knew that nutrition had an important role in cancer prevention
and infant health. I continue to be fascinated by how many different fields nutrition impacts –
and the list of these continues to grow! I love helping my patients learn more about themselves
and how their choices impact their health and how they feel.”