Scoop It Out!

Do you love bagels but hate how many calories and carbs it has? Consider “scooping out” your bagel! I recently went to Bagel Café in Oklahoma City and asked for a “scooped out” bagel. I wanted to compare a regular bagel and a “scooped out” bagel and these are the results I got….
A regular bagel weighed approximately 5.0 oz. and 145 g, which equals 373 calories and 80 g of carbs.
A “scooped out” bagel weighed approximately 4.0 oz. and 113 g, which equals 293 calories and 63 g of carbs.
A difference of approximately 80 calories and 17 g of carbs just by “scooping out” your bagel!!!
Bagel Café generously puts cream cheese on your bagel, so I asked for cream cheese on my “scooped out” bagel, and found that I am consuming more calories than a regular bagel. I took out ¼ of the cream cheese they applied and weighed it….
It weighed approximately 1.2 oz. and 34 g, which equals 119 calories and 1 g of carbs. That was only 1/4 , after doing some calculations, I found out they put approximately ¾ cup of cream cheese into each scooped out bagel, which is 607 calories and 5 g of carbs. Whoa!!!
If you decide to start “scooping out” your bagel, ask for cream cheese on the side. This is a great idea for all the bagel lovers watching their calorie and carb intake!