“POGO Automatic” The Only One-Step Blood Glucose Meter

Simplicity and convenience are key to checking your blood glucose level. If you have diabetes, T1DM, T2DM, or gestational diabetes, you know that checking your blood glucose level several times each day is necessary to be informed of your level and know how to make adjustments.

Traditional monitoring requires several pieces of equipment to be carried with you: finger stick meter, lancing device and a vial of test strips. The process involves loading your meter with test strip, lancing your finger, adding blood drop to strip, and hoping you have enough blood for accurate test results.

POGO (which stands for “Press Once, Go”) brings simplicity and convenience to blood sugar monitoring.  POGO is an all-in-one automatic finger stick device. It combines lancet, finger stick and blood collecting into one step.  You simply turn on the device, then press a button that lances your finger and collects blood in one step. This all-inclusive design is safer than traditional meters because there are no bloody needles or strips to touch or dispose of.

The POGO meter is small and contains a cartridge with 10 individual test ports, each with lancet and test strip inside. An additional feature of POGO is the ability to add more blood if needed within a 90 second window.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM’s) are a very effective way to improve glucose monitoring and management, but for the majority of people still using glucose monitors, POGO simplifies this experience.

POGO has been approved for use by those 13 years and older. Test results are provided on the screen in 4 seconds, and these results fall within the 15% FDA- required accuracy window for all meters compared to lab reference values.

POGO connects automatically by Bluetooth to the “Patterns for POGO” app, which is available for free. This app helps you better understand and manage your daily diabetes journey.

A prescription is NOT required to purchase a POGO Automatic meter. However, if you want to file on your insurance, you can request a prescription by your provider for POGO Automatic and you will pay no more than $59.00 for up to 150 tests per script. Medicare, Medicaid, VA government programs are not eligible for this offer.

POGO Automatic meters can be purchased from select Walgreen and CVS pharmacies, or you can request the meter be ordered. The meter can also be purchased online at www.shop.presspogo.com, where no script is needed.

Informative videos showing all of the features of POGO and how to use can be accessed at www.support@presspogo.com.