New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Involve Weight Loss

 1. Stop restricting foods and start adding foods to your diet

Let go of the idea that you need to cut foods out of your diet. That guilt can lead to unhealthy relationships with food. Instead, focus on where you can add in fruits, veggies, etc., and enjoy your favorite treats in moderation.

 2. Commit to an activity you enjoy: working out, reading, yoga, etc.

Choose an activity that you enjoy that can help you relieve stress and get away from the chaos of everyday life. Find a friend or family member who would like to do this activity with you to help keep each other accountable and get in the habit of regularly doing this activity. This helps eliminate excuses we create for ourselves.

3. Be more positive

Our mindset plays a large role in how we perceive ourselves and others. This year, focus on the positives in your life. Be kinder to yourself and others. This can look different for everyone. Maybe you take a moment every morning to read words of affirmation or make sure to sincerely compliment someone every day.

4. Get more sleep

Sleep is something that we all tend to lack but need in order to properly function, work efficiently, and stay healthy. Make a point to get the right amount of sleep for you. Know your body and what YOU need in order to thrive. Some people require more sleep than others.

5. Manage your time better

Start out the year organized to avoid last minute chaos and stress. Invest in a planner to keep track of everyday tasks. You can make an effort to get up earlier so that you are not rushed, or sit down weekly to plan out family meals and exactly what you need from the grocery store. Do anything you can in order to minimize last-minute stress so that you can have the time to spend with family or friends and doing the activities you enjoy.

We all know the classic “new year, new me” attitude that we get around New Year’s. We tend to make unrealistic goals for ourselves that are impossible to follow. Instead of starting the new year with large unrealistic goals, try a few smaller goals that are equally important and when put together can ultimately help you achieve that overall goal over a period of time. Celebrate the little victories along the way and be kind and patient with yourself. Improvements don’t happen overnight, but with some patience, positivity, and passion, you can achieve good things!

Happy New Year from the BN team!