Insight into One Patient’s Journey with an Eating Disorder


Struggling with an eating disorder looks like an issue with food. In actuality, eating disorders are emotional and physical problems, frequently control issues, that manifest as ‘food control’. Every new patient who walks through the doors at Banister and Associates has a unique story and foundation for the roots of their disorder. Regardless of the reason, eating disorders are serious illnesses across all ages, genders and races that must be treated diligently.
Some patients may struggle for only a short period of time (6-12 mo), if there is early recognition of the disordered eating and counseling started immediately. For others the road to recovery can take years. A patient of Carol’s for several years, Stacee Goetzinger, recently made a very courageous decision to share her eating disorder story. Stacee was approached to create a video that captures valuable segments of her story in a very dramatic way. The video is being used as a promotional piece for The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Women’s Ministry Spring Conference. Stacee’s video can be seen here:
We applaud her bravery and strength in sharing glimpses into her life with ED  (eating disorder). Stacee’s deep commitment to the extensive and exhaustive work of recovery is uniquely displayed in this video of a beautiful woman and a beautiful vase.