“I Just Want to Eat Normally”

I want to quit worrying about what I eat. I want to quit worrying about my weight. I want to quit worrying about what my stomach looks like. I want to quit worrying about what I look like. I want to quit staying home because I know I don’t look good in my clothes. I want to quit feeling guilty about what I do eat. I want to quit feeling guilty about what I don’t eat. I really just want to quit feeling, especially about my food and my body. I want to start living …… living FREE of all of this food and body stuff!

OK …..We Get You!
The dietitians at Banister and Associates LLC are focused on setting you FREE!
Does the preceding paragraph describe those of you dealing with a restrictive eating disorder such as anorexia, binge eating disorder (BED), bulimia or the usual overweight struggles that can’t seem to be resolved? The answer is “all of the preceding.”

In my 32 years of counseling, the agonizing struggles and pain of underweight/overweight, under eating/overeating all have the same, dismal melody. I have frequently been asked ‘how do you help someone who is 20% overweight (obese) followed by someone who is 20% underweight (anorexic)?’ It’s actually easy — quite often there are very similar, underlying emotional issues which affect food and activity choices resulting in different physical appearances. An additional major common denominator is that everyone has the same goal in mind…. peace with food and self. FREEDOM from the constant mental anguish which steals your time, produces great disharmony in your life and disguises your body as something it is not!

A place of relaxed eating is a place of serenity. Relaxed eating is the ability to be at ease with the social, emotional and physical components of food and eating. It is being able to recognize gut hunger and respond appropriately by providing yourself with nourishment, until you reach a feeling of satiety(appropriate fullness). Relaxed eating encourages pleasurable, whimsical eating with flexibility and freedom from guilt or remorse. It is loving who you are and eating what you love. It is enjoying the fresh baked bread or cookies right as they come out of the oven, even when you are not hungry because we all know that is when it tastes the best! It allows you to eat based on your intuitive hunger in the moment, which can be more or less depending on the instance. Relaxed eating IS NOT following a meal plan or diet rules . It is trusting your mind and your body through self-care and self-love. Relaxed eating stems from a strong connection between mind, body and self-awareness.
How many years or decades have you been unhappy, stressed, frustrated, depressed about your relationship with food and your body? Consider a different approach rather than another diet plan, diet pill, or diet gimmick.

Consider ‘Rules and Rigidity generally = Rebellion, not Relaxation!’ cb

Insight into One Patient’s Journey with an Eating Disorder


Struggling with an eating disorder looks like an issue with food. In actuality, eating disorders are emotional and physical problems, frequently control issues, that manifest as ‘food control’. Every new patient who walks through the doors at Banister and Associates has a unique story and foundation for the roots of their disorder. Regardless of the reason, eating disorders are serious illnesses across all ages, genders and races that must be treated diligently.
Some patients may struggle for only a short period of time (6-12 mo), if there is early recognition of the disordered eating and counseling started immediately. For others the road to recovery can take years. A patient of Carol’s for several years, Stacee Goetzinger, recently made a very courageous decision to share her eating disorder story. Stacee was approached to create a video that captures valuable segments of her story in a very dramatic way. The video is being used as a promotional piece for The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Women’s Ministry Spring Conference. Stacee’s video can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/55939119
We applaud her bravery and strength in sharing glimpses into her life with ED  (eating disorder). Stacee’s deep commitment to the extensive and exhaustive work of recovery is uniquely displayed in this video of a beautiful woman and a beautiful vase.