How to Revamp Holiday Leftovers

After the holidays are over, it never fails that we have leftover food. Personally, I only like to eat the same meal a couple of times before it just gets boring. So, keep reading to find out ways to revamp your leftovers to prevent food waste and enjoy all of your holiday favorites!

  • Get creative with different breakfast omelets and hashes: Cheese, turkey/ham, potatoes, veggies, etc.
  • Make wraps and sandwiches with whatever you have on hand. Try toasting them for something different.
  • Use leftover meat, veggies and whatever you have in your pantry to make soups, stews, or chili.
  • You might have the makings for a Shepherd’s pie or turkey pot pie.
  • Try “Thanksgiving Bowls” using rice, mashed/sweet potatoes or any grain you choose, cubed or shredded meat, cheese, cranberry sauce (or whatever you prefer) beans/green beans, potatoes, leftover veggies or salad. The possibilities are endless here!
  • Start with pizza dough, then add your holiday favorites for pizza with a twist. This can also be fun for kiddos!
  •  Air fry things that typically get soggy to give them back some life and flavor.
  • Use leftovers for stuffed sweet potatoes/ loaded baked potatoes

With a little creativity, holiday favorites can be enjoyed in many ways! We hope your families have a fun, cheerful and blessed Thanksgiving. In this month of thanks, Banister Nutrition is grateful for many blessings. We are blessed that because of our wonderful patients and providers, we have celebrated 40 years of excellence this year!