Calcium Boosting Tips

What is calcium? 
Calcium is the most essential nutrient when it comes to bone health. Calcium is important for overall health. Almost every cell in our body uses calcium in some way. Some areas where our bodies use calcium is in our nervous system, muscles, heart and bone. Our bones store calcium in addition to providing support for our bodies. As we age, we absorb less and less calcium from our diet, causing our bodies to take more and more calcium from our bones. Over time this aging process can cause or contribute to osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Here are a few tips to boost your calcium:

  • Drink an 8-ounce glass of milk with your meal. Fat-free and low-fat milk have the same amount of calcium as whole milk.
  • Add low-fat or fat-free milk to coffee or tea.
  • Make oatmeal with milk instead of water.
  • Eat 1 cup of low-fat or fat-free yogurt with fruit for breakfast or a snack.
  • Melt low-fat or fat-free cheese on a whole-grain bagel, tortilla or English muffin.

High Calcium Foods
1 cup or milk, yogurt, pudding, or 1 ½ ounce cheese
Non-fat or low-fat milk or buttermilk
Low-fat chocolate milk
Non-fat or low-fat yogurt
Low-fat cheese

Medium Calcium Foods
1/2 cup of each of the following:
Non-fat or low-fat cottage cheese
Cream soups (high in fat)
Ice cream (high in fat)
Ice milk or frozen yogurt
Non-Dairy Calcium Sources
Dried bean or peas (1 cup)
Refried beans (1 cup, eat those without lard)
Canned fish (2 oz.)
Tofu processed with calcium (1/2 cup)
Almonds (1/4 cup)
Broccoli (1 cup)
Kale (1 cup)