What is Roller Food?

Roller food is the food found rolling round and round in the convenience stores: corn dogs, tornados, taquitos, hot dogs, egg rolls, wrapped breakfast sausages, etc. Roller foods

IMG_57571are frequently right inside the door, on the way to the bathroom, or near soda machines, taking advantage of high foot traffic areas. They’re also strategically placed at eye level for kids and waist high where adults will see the whole array. These snacks may sound appealing and easy, but keep in mind they are low in nutrients and high in sodium, fat, and all the microbes floating around in the air!

Apples, oranges, and bananas have become more common
to find  on the shelves. Most convenience stores also have fresh refrigerated sandwiches, cheeses, sliced fruits, hummus, and salads. If you interested in something off the shelves consider a granola bar, like a Kind bar, or a nut based trail mix. Dry-roasted almonds are a great source of fiber and healthy fats. Try Kashi crisps or a
bag of popcorn instead of potato chips, or buy dark chocolate or pretzel M&Ms for a sweet fix.

Next time you’re in a convenience store, roll on past the “roller foods” and find a refrigerated case with different options. Or hit the shelves to find foods with lower fat, lower sodium, and more fiber! -HM