From a Dietitian’s Kitchen: Cooking Class

My oldest daughter wants to be a chef when she grows up.  So when I saw that Uptown Grocery in Edmond has a weekly cooking class for kids I knew we had to try it out.  Every Sunday a new recipe is taught.  Our instructor, Wesley, walked the young participants through hand washing, kitchen safety, prepping ingredients, and presentation.  The children were encouraged to get messy, smell and taste the ingredients and to work as a team.  I know everyone there learned something and had a good time.  Positive experiences centered around healthy food are not only entertaining but also learning opportunities.

Buy For Less grocery stores ( and Uptown Grocery ( also offer cooking classes on Saturdays for adults.  You can check out their websites for times, locations and featured recipes.  If you are interested in learning some cooking skills or you just need some new recipes this is the perfect opportunity.  The classes are free but they do require you to call and register in advance.  Cook, learn and enjoy!   mk