Appreciate Your Mom This Mothers Day!

We all know our mothers do so much for us, so let’s do something special for them.
Here are a few ideas to give your mother the special gift she deserves..
  • Dark chocolate: Which contains antioxidants, dark chocolate can mop up the damaging free radicals known to play a role in heart disease and other illnesses. Just make sure you choose types with less sugar and fewer calories. This is a great way to satisfy her sweet tooth and benefit her heart!
  • Make a light meal from your favorite healthy cookbook and leave the book behind for her to try out later. She may also appreciate some skinny-kitchen gadgets, like a steam basket, grill pan, or oil mister.
  • A visit with a Dietitian and follow it with a healthy meal. Mother’s Day is a great reason to get your mom to see a Dietitian. A Dietitian can really tailor their advice to whatever issues your  mom may be having with her diet.
  • Adequate sleep is linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as other health conditions. Buy your mom satin sheets, a new mattress, a mattress cover, or a luxurious pillow to encourage better sleep.


 Appreciate your mother, they deserve it!
Posted by: SSG