Diabetes- Tips For Healthier Eating Before and After Events

  1. Plan ahead. Have a general idea of what you will eat.
  2. Be proactive. Browse the Web for recipe makeovers and read diabetes magazines for modified recipes.
  3. Plan time fore exercise. Go out for a walk the day of a gathering or event.
  4. Avoid sitting or standing near the food at get-togethers or parties.
  5. Avoid fasting all day or skipping meals in order to save calories for a gathering.
  6. Never arrive hungry to an event. Take the edge off you hunger with a piece of fruit and low-fat cheese stick or a small handful of nuts.
  7. Eat only special foods. Stay away from common foods such as potato chips, crackers, fatty dips, bread, cheeses, etc., and other foods that are not carb or fat-smart.
  8. Wait about three hours after the meal before eating the dessert you brought.
  9. Avoid seconds. Eat slowly. Fill up on vegetables. 
  10.  Savor the music and the guests at the party rather than focusing on the food.
Posted by: SSG

Source: Diabetes & You magazine, Fall 2013