Daily Alcohol Intakes in American Adults


Who drinks more, on average- men or women?


A 3-year study from NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) concluded in 2010 determined that 4.7% of daily calories consumed by adults in the United States (age 20+) came from alcoholic beverages. This includes beer, wine, liquor, and mixed drinks (cocktails).
The range was highest among men age 20-39, accounting for 6.5% and lowest among women aged 60+.  Overall, men averaged 6% and women 3% of total daily calories from alcohol. That puts the US adult population at approximately near 4.5%.
Across all age groups on average, men consumed more alcoholand with both sexes, consumption decreased with age.
Another interesting analysis is the average consumption rate according to income level. NHANES reported average calories from alcoholic beverages are greatest among those in the highest income category. On average, 117 calories per day are consumed from alcoholic beverages by those living at or above 350% of the poverty level, whereas the average of those living at 130% below poverty level is~ 90 calories. Women living at or above 350% of the poverty level consumed an average 75 calories from alcoholic beverages on a given day, while those living below 130% consumed just over 40 calories.
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