How Much is TOO Much Exercise?

Most of you are familiar with the eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa which involves purging your calories by vomiting. You can also purge calories through excessive exercise. Exercise is generally always considered as beneficial to your health so it is frequently overlooked as developing into a possible disorder.

What begins as a desire to become healthy, fit and strong can become a form of intense mental and physical punishment. An obsessive interest in weight, calories consumed,  excessive exercise and extreme guilt or frustration if an exercise session is missed are signs of obsessive thinking about body shape. 
Red flags to that a problem may exist include:
  • Going to the gym multiple times daily or several hours of exercise daily. 
  •  Feel a need to work out regardless if dizzy, sick or in pain.
  • Setting unattainable goals which you increase regularly.
  • You neglect to praise yourself for your accomplishments or you always think you should be doing more or better.
  • Perfectionist attitude regarding your workouts and your body.
  • Lose weight rapidly and beyond what is recommended by your dietitian or physician.
  • If you have to miss an exercise session are you anxious, distraught and wanting to do anything to make up the appointment?


Exercise is a part of healthy living. You must learn to connect and listen to your own body; physically and mentally to be aware of what is too much.cb