Train Your Brain!

Have a hard time choosing healthy foods? If we can train our brains to achiever academic and physical goals, who says we can’t train our brain achieve behavioral and habitual goals. We all have time, a budget, and resources. Most often, we fail because we prioritize preference and convenience over making the right choice.
Here are a few tips to train your brain to make better choices:


Try new things with an open mind: Convince yourself you like healthy food beforehand and it will go much better. This applies when trying a new food, if you think you aren’t going to like it, chances are you won’t. So think with an open mind.
Develop positive associations with healthy practices and negative associations with unhealthy ones: For example, Mcdonald’s associates themselves with happiness, joy, “good food”, and a great place to save money. We all know Mcdonald’s isn’t a good place for our health. Instead, attach it to pictures of diabetes feet or becoming ill in your brain. Picture how well your jeans will fit when you think about exercising or eating vegetables.
Keep your eyes on the prize: Strategically place post-it notes, pictures or inspirational quotes around your home, refrigerator or in your car to remind you why your health is so important. Whether you want to achieve a former weight, improve blood glucose control, or being able to keep up with your grandchildren, remember that nothing tastes as good as achieving those goals will feel.