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Caprese Salad


Caprese Salad or Insalata Caprese – 

My favorite summer entree salad with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. It is quick, easy, healthy and very satisfying.

This salad was created in Italy in the early 1920s. It is a patriotic reflection that visually incorporates the tricolors of the Italian flag red, green and white.


Fresh mozzarella: I like to buy the pre-sliced to make the assembly go faster.

Extra virgin olive oil: Make certain your olive oil says “extra virgin” which will be less processed with more flavor.

Fresh tomatoes: Garden grown tomatoes are the best.

Balsamic vinegar:  Place full bottle of vinegar into a pan, heat on low 15-20 min. to reduce it  down and it becomes thickened. I keep the extra balsamic glaze in my refrigerator to have ready for my next salad.

Salt and pepper:  add to taste to bring out and compliment the flavors of the dish.


Assemble salad:  Layer tomato slices, fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzle with olive oil, balsamic glaze and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately and enjoy!