Convenient OKC Metro Meal Ideas

Fast food is not your only option if you are lacking time or energy. Convenience is usually the main reason my patients are eating fast food or snacking on junk food. If this is your challenge, there are healthy options available to you. Here are a few ideas around the OKC metro that can save you time and energy while still meeting your nutritional goals:


  • Easy Freezy Freezer Meals: They offer a variety of menus to choose from including Keto, Plus, Vegetarian/Vegan, Regular and Whole30. They provide meals that can be put in the freezer. All you need to do is add the meat.



  • PREP’D: Known for “healthy eating on the go.” You can stop by the store to pick up an individual meal(s) or you can place a bulk order of pre-prepared meals. They offer gluten free, vegetarian, paleo and customized options.



  • Crockstar Dinner Club LLC: You are able to order one or as many meals as you would like per month. Each meal feeds 6-8 people. They offer gluten free, low carb or keto meals.



  • Clean Slate Kitchen: You will meet with a chef who will cater to your nutritional needs (likes, dislikes, allergies, food intolerances and other dietary restrictions or constraints). Made-to-order entrees and side dishes are developed from this meeting.


Crockpot Flock and Dinners that cROCK: Follow these facebook pages for available crockpot meals. You just need to add the meat to these meals.


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